Friends, Templars, Countrymen.

Directed to People’s Imperial Confederation (PIC)

Friends, Templars, Countrymen. Lend me your ears.

We march today against the Communist menace in the North and South of our Mighty Christian Empire. The Communist enemy will hold quarrel against us. They choose to abolish religion and freedom in the name of their sick and twisted power grab. As defenders of the Christian Faith, we the army of God himself, march against the godless savages to cleanse the southern peninsula of those who are godless. These godless savages also raided our Discord server a while ago, thinking they could intimidate us. But no, we will strike back harder than they had raided our discord server. Whether it was sanctioned by their leadership or not, we take it to an offense. So with me, soldiers of God, will you march forth from your houses, your families, your communities, to defeat the enemies of God? Prepare for the 2nd Errantry War, my brothers.

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Invasion of Toboggan [CPATG] June 16th, Tuesday, 5PM EST
Invasion of Wool Socks [CPATG] June 17th, Wednesday, 5PM EST
Invasion of Snow Shoe [CPATG] June 19th, Friday, 5PM EST


No Allies

No Dual Enlistment
No Multilogging
No Transfer of Servers to any army during the war

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