RFCP are Zionist Shills That Support the State of Israel


If you’re reading this, you most likely know who I am. I am /the cobra/, the CPA Legend, the epic troll xd, the God himself. I am the one who makes pussies cry when I say the n word or whenever I push buttons of sensitive people. I actually do it in a funny way compared to the likes of CANC or RFCP’s Priortorian Guard.

So why am I writing this? Xing and I have been pals since 2017 and he has came to me regarding the RFCP post, asking for me to reply. So I am here to reply. I will now get into it.

Racism 😦

I am going to say this only once. Templars is 100% in support of #BlackLivesMatter. Yes you heard it. We support Black Lives Matter. We are infact NOT racist. Advisor Venom’s statements are infact quoting the many racist bigots out there. We here at Templars are open to all black people, no matter how dirty they are (this means Coolj is welcome). We are not a racist army and claiming that we’re racist is just bogus!Β 

I decided to interview Templars Grand Prior Sarah regarding their stance on racism.

Cobra: Are you racist?
Sarah: No, I am not.

As you can see, Templars is not racist. We infact are a huge supporter of RPF’s founder, who advocates for racial justice. Make sure to research before you post, RFCP.

Sexual Discussions 😦

There is absolutely nothing wrong with talking sexual. If you look into what the Templars rules say there is zero mention of anything sexual being not allowed. If it was not already common knowledge, Templars is for a more mature audience of older people who can handle these discussions, even if it’s ironic or not. Case closed.

Anti-semitism 😦

Now this is serious. Why would you support the State of Israel? They went out of their way to attack the USS Liberty with submarines and jet fighters, killing 34 citizens. They also murder Palestinian children in the name of “counter-terrorism”. They also take American tax payer money to do what again… kill children? Sell our weapons to China? I think Prior is a big supporter of George Soros, hence the false claims of anti-semitism. To put it blunt: We are not anti-semitic, we are just expressing the wrongs of the State of Israel.

Doxxing 😦



RFCP let’s put it like this. You’re not the police of armies. Don’t think you’re on some morale high ground because you feel fighting “hate
is in your agenda. You are literally white (mostly) losers who sit on their asses and play Club Penguin. Don’t think you are some white ally in fighting the hatred against people. Don’t think you are these morally superior people. You’re not. You are just as guilty on doxxing as the rest of the people. You are just as guilty on harassment as the rest. You can say whatever you want, but I know what’s true. Quite frankly, I don’t care, I just wanted to write this for fun and something to do. But, I’ll word it like this.

Your high command are shit human beings who don’t understand the art of irony. Oh, and your Priortorian Guard are shit trolls (Sha doesn’t know how to troll lmao, she just does literal harassment).

Grow up and accept the fact that maybe the Templars edginess and ironic statements are made in reaction to people like you. Have fun πŸ™‚

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