The Hypocrisy of ACP

As you all know already, ACP has declared war on us for reasons that we have already spoken about. It has come to our attention that ACP are not the angels they portray themselves as, they have a very well hidden devils side. Someone who had stated they were ACP staff sent us these screenshots, after saying they’d broken into BSchars account over the past few days. They had been disgusted by the things they had found and decided to forward them to TCP. We don’t condone hacking and such but what this rogue agent of Christ did find, was incredibly alarming.

ACP hatred towards Templars
It is of no surprise that ACP are not fans of us. After all, we have already been to war twice. However, ACP does more than just dislike us, they very clearly hate us. If they had not hated us, they would not have released this image to the public.


Yes, this image was in response to an image sent to ACP as well. However, if ACP were truly angels they would have condemned us for sending that image instead of responding with their own. This was also stated to Templars leader Freedomist from an ex Templars leader (who we have chosen to keep anonymous).


As you can clearly see, this image dates back to June, when ACP and TCP had no conflict. Why would Max and ACP hate us when we’re not at war? Well, it became clear to us that ACP has been planning this war for quite some time.

ACP planning on invading Templars for a long time


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